Voting Access for Seniors in Living Facilities

Many seniors residing in senior living facilities face barriers to accessing traditional polling locations. To address this issue, Karen Montoya proposes the following initiative:

  • Partnering with 13 senior living facilities within Bernalillo County:
    Karen will collaborate with senior living facilities to set up voting stations inside each facility during early voting. This initiative provides residents the opportunity to vote in person without having to leave their residences.

  • Coordinating with facility staff:
    Karen will work closely with facility staff to ensure that all eligible residents are informed about the voting process and provided with the necessary assistance to participate. This includes distributing information about voting procedures, deadlines, and available accommodations.

  • Visiting one senior facility per day during the early voting period:
    Karen's team will visit one senior living facility daily throughout the early voting period, totaling 13 locations. This approach ensures that senior living facilities within Bernalillo County can host in-person voting. By bringing voting directly to these facilities, Karen aims to eliminate mobility barriers and provide convenient access for all residents to exercise their right to vote.

Karen Montoya seeks to ensure seniors in senior living facilities have equal access to the voting process and can conveniently participate in elections without facing unnecessary obstacles.