Ensuring Fairness and Inclusion in Bernalillo County

I am running for Bernalillo County Clerk with a clear vision and a deep commitment to serving our community with integrity, fairness, and a dedication to equality. My journey to this candidacy has been shaped by hard work and determination, reflecting the experiences of many residents in our county.

With my background as Bernalillo County Assessor and as a Commissioner at the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, I have witnessed firsthand the critical importance of trust, accountability, and transparency in government, particularly in the realm of elections. I am steadfast in my resolve to uphold these values and ensure that our democratic process remains open and accessible to all.

My platform revolves around creating a future where fair and transparent elections are the cornerstone of democracy in Bernalillo County. I believe in promoting voter education and engagement to empower residents to make informed decisions during elections. Enhancing accessibility to voting for all individuals, advocating for inclusive policies, and ensuring accessible polling locations are integral components of my vision.

Concrete policies and plans are at the heart of my campaign, including prioritizing the implementation of secure and efficient voting systems, expanding early voting options and polling locations, and fostering a fair and positive working environment within the County Clerk's office.

My values reflect a dedication to protecting the fundamental right to vote, upholding integrity, honesty, and impartiality in elections, and promoting diversity and inclusivity in governance. I envision a future where every eligible voter in Bernalillo County feels empowered to participate, and where the County Clerk's office serves as a model of efficiency, transparency, and integrity in local government.

I invite you to join me in shaping this future, where every resident's voice matters, and our elections reflect the values of fairness, transparency, and inclusivity. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant democracy in Bernalillo County.